iPaint With Lights.

Photo to the left: Tyler Brock

Yes you heard correct, I do paint with light.  For cameras do not know depth nor 3D, cameras see light and that is key to photography.  Today I will tell you how to use light and how to control it.

Ok let me put it this way, for the ones that just can’t grasp this concept.  When drawing you start out with a blank piece of paper, nothing on it. You draw outlines, shade, smudge till it looks 2D. In many ways this is how photography is, much like shading the depth of something can be shown by the absence of light.

Just smile and nod and say ok and make my life much easier. Now your thinking how does this effect me. Well if you would stop thinking you will get to my point. Yes, I tend to be a sarcastic writer; just because I can’t get away with it anywhere else.

You stumble, you fall, you bang your knee and in this you try to keep silent, you brush your hand to find your way around, then you find it the fridge handle. You open it up, its like opening a door that leads to heaven you dig in there eating that left over turkey, that pudding you don’t care that it’s 2:00 AM. After cleaning the fridge out you decide its time for bed, but you look around and you notice that the little fridge light is luminating your kitchen and now your kitchen has depth according to your eyes. Exactly how a camera views things.

So this is vital when doing portraits because a light shining directly at a subject, in front of them will make them look flat or fat. You want to angle your subject with the light coming from a side and then get reflectors to soften the shadows.

Photo By: Tyler Brock Subject

One more thing light can be used to bring out shapes and make ordinary things seem ab-normal…

Photo By: Tyler Brock

Whether people admit to it or not, we are all fascinated with abstract. The ability to creat something that looks like nothing but in reality it is a very real object. This is where lighting comes in to play. If you look at my flamingo subject I have the light on the back of the head. Where as if I was shooting a photograph of a flamingo in a normal position i would have light on the side.

Now lets wrap this up, you can paint with lights by luminating you subject and you can shape with light. It’s that easy, and the only way you will get better is to get off your butt and go experiment. Have fun!




North Carolina State Fair

Taken By: Brock

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