Why? I’m serious why? I am a Nikon user but I wont lie I like Canon’s software (that I have seen, I haven’t seen much but what I have seen I like it) and I love the sound of the shutter in a Canon. Nikon to me seems to be more durable, now I am not going to beat my cameras up for fun but with the job I am trying to get its going to need to take a beating. In reality Nikon is not better than Canon nor is Canon better than Nikon. Both create great lenses great bodys and great images. The big picture is that year to year they both play leapfrog one will be better than the other then the next year it will change. The thing that gets me is the prices, for example I went to go get the software that I needed to tether my Nikon D40 with Lightroom, the problem was that the Nikon one cost but the Canon software didn’t. I think if they could stop competing and hey I don’t know team up they could very well be the best in all of history.

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