When Life Gives You Lemons…

Last night while I was in a deep slumber while the ground got cover in a cold frozen slick substance. The weather man was calling for snow, I have no idea if it did I was to busy tossing and turning trying to get some rest to notice snow. I a woke to a icy skin like sheet on every branch on the now bare bush outside of my window, everything was covered in this frozen. Now I know if I have yankees reading this I will get many smirks and chuckles but here in the south we do not drive in these kind of conditions which crushes my plans to go see a movie with my friends. After I had realized that I couldn’t do anything, I grabbed my D40 and went outside to make the most of the weather. Yes thats the point of this blog, not just from a photographic perspective but from any perspective in life. Make the most of what you got, try to beauty in the ugliest things. Make the most of your time, you can buy just about anything back in life… Besides time.

Here are some of the shots I got…


Location, Location, Location

Photos By: Tyler Brock

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3 Responses to When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. We have gotten snow and ice off and on for the past week….guess I should head out in the morning and take a few photos myself.


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