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Alright it’s time for another blog, I have been thinking what kinda of blog I should write. A friend of mine came up to me at church tonight and said he thinks I need to post more of my pictures so he gave me the idea for this blog, My top 5 pictures. Now most of these were taken in 2009 or 2010 maybe 2007, but what I will do put them in the order that I rank them and I will give you the the ability to rate them also. On each photograph I will explain why I chose it and if you click on the photograph I will explain how I got it. Lets get started

5  Drawing You In

A art piece always has a focal point and sometimes it looks right on the side on the corner, I am general not a fan of central focal points but while framing this one up I just had to put it in the center.

This was taken at the NC Zoo in Asheboro, the largest zoo in NC

4. Shelter The Future

I love this one cause of the color and the uniqueness of the plant, I think its my father’s first pick from day one he has loved this one. Another thing I like about it is the different angel not everyone would look under a plant, it’s the side that most people don’t look at.

During my 18 birthday my family took me to the mountains, on a hike I captured this. In the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC

3. A Untold Story, That The Eyes Can Tell.

I chose this one as my third choice because the contrast and texture. The lighting is very faint which allows light to shape her face. With the light coming in from the side rather than from above allows you to see the text of her skin and fur.

This gorilla belongs to the North Carolina Zoo

2. Giants

I love this one for one reason It gives you perspecctive.

Shot in the backyard of where I live in NC

My number One pick is, drum roll please, “Huvering To Pirtch”. Everything about it is just great I think. A bird that moves so fast that we really do not get to see it in its true identy much.

This was taken on a very hot day under a sheet to hide from the humming birds. At my grandparents house in Charlotte NC

I am not allowing anyone to vote on my top one, but I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoted taking them.

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