Alright, last week…

Was a full week last week, and it lead up to another full week also this week has not slowed down but thats nice to have also. Well last week I went I went to a Carolina Tar Heels game with my dad and my brother. The sea of blue it was quite a breath taking…phenomenon to see this ocean of Carolina blue that swayed from left to right with hands in the air and fingers flow as if they were sea weed in the ocean’s depths. It was a poor 1st half but the 2nd one was a hair raising, nail biter, edge of your seat and shouting at the top of your lungs of a half. Carolina pulled out of it with a score of UNC 64 Hokies 61. Than last weekend I went and shot a wedding (my first I might add). It went great I can’t show the pictures with the subjects of the wedding but I can show you the other photographs. After the wedding I went and stayed with my grandfather after he had knee replacement I had a good time but it was hard seeing him in pain; I shot some pictures in the hospital also of the sunrise outside of my grandfathers window. I hope you enjoy them wish I could put more up but the spring semester has started and I am feeling over whelmed.


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