Box Elder Bugs

Last Sunday we had some fantastic sunny 65 degree weather, it was amazing.  I got home from church and a chicken for lunch that was delicious.  I try and walk my dog every day and Sunday is no exception, so after lunch I changed from my sunday shirt to a t-shirt and jeans and I sped down to the basement eager to walk my boy on this grand day.  I grab his leash, hook it to his chipped chain choke collar and we head out the door.  On my way out I noticed on our brick wall these bugs that appeared to be beetles but as I later learned they were not beetles, they were Box Elder Bugs.  These bugs were literally bringing the wall to life, there had to be at least 80 of them.  And with a closer look they had wedged them selves under a pole that led to our electrical box.  I shot some pictures of this behavior and I will post them in a little bit. But I did some research and in a short version they were getting warm and the electrical pole provided that. I used my 60 mm, they let me get close but every-time I moved the moved it looked like waves in the ocean.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.



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