Portrait Photography Chain Company…

It was time to get family portraits done, my family entered in with no worries at all, me on the other hand entered with precaution and very reluctant because I like to take pictures but hate having mine taken. Also I am all to familiar with this style of business. (Now before we go any further I would like to clarify that I am not bashing the photographers that have a hard earned degree and are working in a studio setting using their skills, knowledge, and ACTUALLY know what they are doing) The style of business that when a unsuspecting customer walks through that door you pounce on them like there fresh meat, you make a used car dealer seem weak. When you start to shoot you go at a fast pace and you are not original with your angles or lighting; the part that gets me is you act over the top happy, honestly…your freaking me out. After you take all pictures and you review them with the customer. As my family stood there and looked at the huge 32 inch sony tv screen, the lady was zooming, cropping, rotating, editing, and asking which ones we wanted while moving at high rates of speed my dad replied to a comment my mother said “I am trying to decide but my head is spinning”. So here are some tips for the photographer. One when you are with customer be guanine, be true, we can tell if your faking it. Two think outside the box, make the customer want to come back to “you” not your company but “you”, when they come to get pictures made make them want to request you. Three relax, its all good in the hood! Four when going through the review don’t go so fast, go slow and actually try and save people money (and I am not talking bout the stuff on sale go the extra mile and act as if it was your money) you will be surprised how much respect you will earn.

Now don’t think I am not going to give tips to the customer, because I got your back. Ok little bit of role play here, you come to my studio and want some pictures made of your family. I get to work I shoot a couple of your family like you asked, we are grooving along. Then I slip in under your nose a portrait of your two sons then your daughter and then of you and your husband, before you know it I have all these pictures that you did not ask for and it is proving to be harder to narrow down the photographs that you want. I realize that you can not stop the photographer from shooting those extra shots I can relate once you start its hard to slow down. Heres the first and only tip I have, make a list of your budget and what photographs you want also for who so that way when the photographer tries to confuse you and get you to over pay than you can wake your self up from the shock it’s your money use it how your want to.


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