It’s Easy to Tell Others to Give Up Dreams For God… Until it’s Your Dream.

Yep, it sure is. God has been dealing heavy on my heart for the past year with this statement. As all of you know National Geographic has been my dream and my life ever since I was 7 or so. Ever since I was at my uncle’s home in the town of Durham NC, I looked through these magnificent photographs that needed no words to tell the stories right then and there I was sold. Anyone can tell you that was all I cared about, I would eat breathe National Geographic I guarantee you that my ex-girl friend will tell you that it drove her crazy how much I talked about it.

Since the beginning of 2010 God has allowed me to do some fantastic things I had a internship with my uncle’s church where he was the pastor, I was one of two youth interns. There I interacted with the youth never really taught just did more office work and went on one mission trip. For a few years I had felt like God was calling me in the ministry and after this internship that changed. I was frustrated felt like it was a summer wasted not just for me but for the youth and the youth pastor, I was bummed. After the internship I got back in school and after choosing my major (Photojournalism) the dream of NG was re-ignited but this time it just did not feel right. One semester passed and it still felt strange. I went to visit a church in Asheboro NC Cross Road Baptist Church and while visiting this church I just noticed they were on fire for missions it was contagious and next thing you know I join the church. And now this crazy up and down loop to loop story brings us to February 7th 2011 in my bedroom; where I am on my knees just in a all out battle with God not wanting to let go of my dream a couple weeks before I had read the book Radical and just put a whole new perspective on life. But the one thing that put the nail in the coffin on that February night was God had me open the Bible to Genesis 22, where Abraham was being tested to see if he would sacrifice his son not just a ordinary son this was Abraham’s only son that he loved greatly; also Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was old and for them to have a son was un thinkable. So you can see all that rested on this son and how much he was loved. I was left there in awe and humbled that a man would sacrifice his son for God made my dream seem pretty pathetic. That night at the end of my bed on February 7th 2011 I sacrificed my dream for God and where ever He leads I will follow.

Today I have a new dream I feel like God is calling me on the mission field. So after I graduate with my PJ degree I am going to try and transfer to South Eastern Theological School; where I will try and get a degree in missions, and use my gifts to photograph for mission boards.


~Genesis 22:15-17~

The angel of the LORD called to Abraham from heaven a second time 16 and said, “I swear by myself, declares the LORD, that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, 17 I will surely bless you


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