~Proverbs 14:30~

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”

Yesterday I got finished with another week of camp, your typical week. Accept this week I saw the light and to understand the inspiration that I came under I need to back up about 2 weeks.  I begin to wonder what my purpose was at Caraway because I was having a hard time making a impact on the boy’s lives. I was beginning to wonder my purpose with being there. Fast forward to one morning of my most recent weeks we took the campers canoeing and kayaking. We had a storm coming in so the sky was grey with clouds that draped the camp in a nice fluorescent ambient light; a fog that seemed to flow with the current that was underneath it and the water was so calm. One of my campers was really nervous about kayaking so I told him we could go in a canoe and he could come with me, he agreed. So, I got out to a point of view that allowed me the ability to see all the campers. While sitting in the middle of the tranquility and the quietness I came in contact of real satisfaction, my soul was just silent my spirit was intuitive and my body was relaxed and thats when God him with a quote that is just so powerful “be satisfied with where I am. I do not define my purpose but rather He gives me a reason to have a purpose”

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