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My name is Tyler Brock, I am 19, I live in the great state of North Carolina, yes I am a southern boy was born and raised in the south don’t be jealous because we have real grits.  I’m a college student at the huge, massive, giant Randolph Community College (little sarcasm there, just incase your still trying to figure out a massive in the same sentence as community college).  My major is Photo Journalism, and yes I know what is running through that brain of yours “they always change their major”, you are right but I have a goal. Ever since I was a young lad it has always been to be a National Geographic photographer (If you want to read my blog on them it’s under the “Home“).  “There is only you and your camera. “The limitations in you photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are”- Ernst Haas, I have always loved that quote it is so true. I am color blind and that used to hinder my photography, but now I see it as showing people the world how I see; I now consider it a gift not a curse.  Like I said I am 19, I have a mother and a father that are the best, My dad is a pastor at Sandy Creek Baptist Church and my  mom is a secretary at First Baptist Randleman. I have a little sister that is 17 and is a future Liberty University (the Flames) student starting fall of 2011. Then there is my 8 year old brother, the hand full always in to something but always able to make you laugh he is already in to girls; (though he would turn red and yell at me if saw I wrote that) he can spell so trying to get away with spelling things out like “N A P ?” is impossible.

My Blogs:

I will do some tutorial blogs but I hope to write blogs that inspire you and you take it from there, make it your own.

So thats me summed up in 300 plus words, But if you have any questions ask me don’t be shy. I hope you get as much enjoyment of my blogs as I do writing them.


Tyler Brock Photography

Tyler Brock


(336) 202-5550


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