Your One Shutter Away From a Blink.

A little taste of my work.


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Photo by: Tyler Brock

Now I am not saying vintage is for everyone, nor am I saying I’ll make you use it; but at the end of this you will want to to try it. When you do try this new style you may find the urge to use this new amazing style on all of your pictures (WARNING: THERE IS SUCH A THING AS OVER KILL) please don’t make it annoying.

People are always looking for older things that have character and age (besides when looking for that special someone). Well with technology today we can cheat and put age on our photos in a matter of minutes, the photograph “WATCH FOR CHILDREN” that is on my blog header was shot 2 weeks ago (Edited in Lightroom). Here are some more examples.

Photo By: Tyler Brock

Vintage is not always black and white, in fact I think black and white does not look as good as faded colors. If you need to learn how to do vintage. Shoot me an e-mail ( Have fun!


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